About APlab

APLab Network Solution to Clinics, Hospitals, Medical Service Providers

APLab is subsidiary of Bursa Malaysia public listed company, having sister companies and associates complete with licenses including MDA, CKAPS, and KKM-APPROVED Laboratories to facilitate COVID-19 screenings and sample processing.

We Take Your Samples

Join us as a Panel Clinic and send us your test samples for contactless, safe, fast and accurate reports, recognised worldwide.

” All samples facilitated by APLab came with complimentary Tracvirus digital health certificate or “E-Cert” for ease of COVID-19 results verification using QR Code. “

We Send You Orders

Clinics who wants to take more patients, register with us today and start taking orders from our online sales network.

Tracvirus Open PlatformTM

APLab is premier partner of Tracvirus, the Lab & Clinic System(c) provider under Tracvirus Open Platform(c) concept connecting to KKM accredited labs in Malaysia.

” Partnering with Tracvirus means APLab has access to combined over 15,000 PCR test a day across various KKM accredited labs throughout Malaysia. “

Solution to KKM approved laboratories

Laboratories can join APLab today and get connected to Tracvirus Open Platform and start taking samples from hundreds of clinics nationwide.

To learn more about APLab products and services, contact us today.

Official “SafeTravelPass (STP)” 
Travel digital health passport E-Cert provider

APLab’s Tracvirus E-Cert is use by KKM approved laboratories and automatically accepted by SafeTravelPass(c) for contactless worldwide travel Covid-19 screening and vaccination verification.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Tracvirus-APLab walk-in and drive-thru center is able to process 2,000 Covid-19 PCR swab test a day with appointment, at special online booking rate, and walk-in rate. Tracvirus-APLab also provides special rate for civil servants, students, and group senior citizen as part of CSR initiative.

One of our partner Tracvirus-UMBI Care (TUC), is part of UMBI-UKM laboratory building.

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